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We manage your advertising campaigns from A to Z, crafting the idea and its content, and deploying it intelligently to serve your brand and target your desired audience. We also work on making an innovative difference in accompanying events, whether they are conferences, exhibitions, or interactions across various social media platforms.

Campaign Management

We study your project and propose the best representative for it, who can deliver it to your target demographic. We are able to do this thanks to our detailed database of influencers, their specializations, and the quality of their followers, offering you the influencer's price without any additional administrative expenses.

Advertising with Influencers

Leave your marketing campaign in the hands of experts. We handle the entire marketing aspect and fund the campaign to ensure its success.

Commission-based Advertising

We take care of everything related to sponsored advertisements on various social media platforms and Google ads, including account top-ups, preparing marketing plans, precisely targeting the audience on each platform, closely monitoring the workflow, measuring and analyzing impact, and writing and archiving reports.

Sponsored Promotion

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